Money pit animation

Costs so far...

The painful stuff!! I've tried to give an idea of costs for any budding builders out there. This list will run and run....

Description Cost
Donor MKII Escort and delivery 120
Shot blasting of engine 100
Cortina hubs/disks/calipers/uprights 50
Steering rack gaitors 8
Brake drum fitting kit 5
Axle stands 20
Paint & sundries 42
Engine re-conditioning 380
Chassis, suspension and bodykit 850
AVO Pro Race dampers with Faulkner springs 335
Engine stand, C-spanner and carriage for above 65
X-flow engine mounts and rubbers 49.35
Steering link with new UJ's (750mm) 47
Pedal box (standard MK2 without bias) 56.40
Racing seat - fibreglass moulded 94
Full exhaust system 141
Aeroquip brake hose kit 32.90
Front wing brackets 41.13
Carriage 21.75
Magnecore HT leads & coil lead
Distributor cap and rotor arm
Oil catch tank
K&N catch tank filter & elbow joint
Hose braiding kit
Oil filter
High pressure oil pump
K&N filter
Total for above items 225
18swg half hard aluminium sheet (8'x4') x 3 104
2nd hand car trailer 200
Sparco 4 point 3" harness
Bonnet catches
Dzus nosecone fasteners
Polished ally gear knob
Ingition panel & wiring harness
8 way fuse box
Towing eye
Total for above 292
2nd hand car trailer 200
Mountney steering wheel and Sierra boss 28
Aluminium polishing kit 15
Racetech F1 mirrors 33
Set of Yokohama A539's 170
Lumentition Optronic kit 124.55
Pacet 8" Towfan 83.42
Donor Mk2 Escort No.2! 65
Donor Mk2 Escort No.3 & spare engine/box 130
Reconditioned M16 calipers 75
EBC Green Stuff front pads 32
Total to date 4035.75

Racing Costs

Description Cost
750MC club membership 42
ARDS Pack 36
Medical 48
ARDS Test & Driver Training 295
Sparco Racewear (suit, gloves, boots, u/wear) 432
OMP Formula Integrale helmet & dark visor 261
Locost Championship registration 24
Awning from B&Q 39
Track testing 220
Total racing budget to date 1397