Well, this is me. What can I tell you?

Why did I decide to build a Locost? For me, it was almost specifically to race. I'd been really getting into track days for my speed thrills, seeing as the draconian British government look upon speeding as an offence tantamount to murder these days. Anyway, fortunately I'm the proud owner of a 5 litre TVR Griffith which I started to use to blat around the UK's circuits. However, at the back of my mind whenever I went out was the thought of "But what if I stuff it???" - not good. Well, after chatting to my mates about it in the local pub (where else) we decided it would be a good idea to get hold of a cheap car and prepare it specifically for track use. This also spawned the birth of 'Noddy's Racing Team' and which has now been superceded by 'Dutton Racing' - don't ask!

Noddy's Racing Team logo Dutton Racing Logo

Now as luck would have it my buddy Martin (who runs his own workshop business - VSA in Wallingford, Oxon, 01491 833784 - free plug buddy!) knew of a bloke who'd just bought an old Dutton Malaga B+ with the intent of 'doing it up'. I'm sure many of you are familiar with what took place then. His girlfriend took one look at it and declared him insane!! Consequently, without too much persuasion we bought the car from him and did it up (for the full story check out pistonheads).

Well, once the bug bites there's no going back. The Dutton was great but was never truly designed for pure track use and someone else had originally built it. What I wanted was the satisfaction of building something from the ground up (as much as possible) which was specifically oriented to track use. I'd read about the Locost series on the web and once I'd had a look at the sort of costs involved my mind was made up!

What makes this build somewhat different is that I'm not trying to build completely from scratch. My goals are to get a track car prepared in as short a timescale as possible. This will necessitate the use of as many 'prepared' components as possible. In Ron Champion's book (How to build a sports car for 250 quid - that was 250 not 2500 wasn't it ;) he says that the chassis accounts for 50 percent of the build. Well, that's 50 percent of the time saved for me then ;) It will obviously cost more, but at least I'll be safe in the knowledge that it has been prepared by a professional. Vitally important given the hard life it will lead on the track. So, this site should show a more 'modular' approach to the build; buying components where possible. I should make it clear that I'm not entirely 'copping out' and will undertake as much of the project as possible myself.

Finally some thank you's

Firstly, to Martin Tomsett - aka. Noddy, Buddy, Billy, Badger, Dad, Old Git etc. who probably never thought he'd have an apprentice as old as me ;) As well as giving me the use of his workshop so I could cover myself in oil and crap and spend hours searching for 13mm sockets!

Secondly, to Karl Fisher - aka. Noddy, Buddy, Billy, William Whippy, MDF, Fine Finishing Boy, Tupperware mods, etc. for being a constant source of amusement with his 'binary' driving style which seems to consist of his feet being either on or off the accelerator/brake but never in between. Oh, and Karl, you cannot make a chassis out of MDF and Gripfill - OK!!!!

Thirdly, to Mark Groom - aka. Noddy Buddy, Billy (see the pattern forming here?), Shagwit, Jesus, Yeah yeah yeah, etc. for being a complete pisshead and a top bloke.

Fourthly, to my brother - aka. bro, for being a top bloke and picking up the Escort, finding the Cortina hubs and being such a laugh to watch in the workshop where all things mechanical remain a mystery. Stick to selling them mate ;)

Finally, as a profession I'm a conference producer for a top 5 London production company. I spend most of my time organising car launches around Europe for a major Japanese manufacturer (well, the largest actually so no prizes for guessing who it is ;). I've been involved with 'multimedia' - I hate that term, for donkey's years and still get my hands dirty with design from time to time. All graphics on this site for example. Recently I've designed some race team logo's for mates of mine. I'll post them here when I can link to their sites.

Well, that's it. I hope you enjoy the site and come back often.